1 Red Dress 5 Ways

I love being able to shop my own closet (code for not-buy-anything-new-because-I-have-no-more-room.)  I bought this red satin dress from H&M last holiday season for under $20 (did you?!)  You can’t wear a red satin dress too often without people realizing you have been wearing the same thing…..it sorta stands out.  

One dress, five ways (so you only have to find one dress this holiday season!)

While it’s always flattering to be copied, most of these are old items so I’m hoping these will inspire you to utilize what’s already in your own closet and exercising the creative side of your brain.  I’m not one who mind’s hunting down a sold-out item:

Red Dress H&M H2013 // Forever 21 Leopard Print Jacket really-old // Banana Republic Leather Gloves even-older // JCrew Denim Jacket // Madewell Buffalo Print Fall 2013 // Old Navy Dalmation Print Fall 2013? // Velvet Belt DIY! // Vince Leather Jacket Nordstrom Fall 2014 // Madewell Mira Heels in black // H&M Pearl necklace Summer 2014 // Meadowbelle Market Bangles (c/o)

Dalmation Print.  And 5 ways to wear ONE dress!

5 Ways to Wear One Dress

  • Glam it up

With a fur jacket and leather gloves.  Keep the sleeves cropped if going with a full skirt or maxi-length.  What is it about fur (mine’s faux) that appeals to me so much?  Do I get to feel like Greta Garbo for a small moment?  Yes.  Yes, I do.

  • Tone it down

Add a denim jacket or a chambray button down to bring it down a notch, from black-tie to cocktail party.

  • Add a pattern

Add another pattern or texture

  • Belts!

Use belts to “tuck” in a top and use the dress as a skirt.  Belts should be worn at the narrowest part of you waistline (even if it’s higher than you think it should be!)  Belts help by drawing the eye in at the spot where it’s cinched in, creating a slimming effect even without a real waist (or after Thanksgiving Day dinner.)  I have seven different ways to tie a belt from last year here.

  • Change the shape

You can play around changing the shape of the dress by wearing the waistband above the chest line.  I did the same thing with this pleated midi-skirt from Target (it had a darling lace-edged under-slip!)

We (Meg Davies of ChasingDavies.com and I) shot these fun images at the local Christmas Tree Farm located at 3403 W. 53rd Street in Fairway.  You’ll find friendly faces and little Charlie Brown trees at this charity-based (proceeds benefit Boy Scouts and the historic site) tree stand, along with the historic Shawnee Mission Indian State Historic Site (and it’s gorgeous East-coast-federalist-meets-prairie architecture.)  Happy Holidays!  Without each and every single on of you amazing readers, this blog would not be possible (don’t I know it!)

One holiday dress, 5 ways!


  1. hmmmm I don’t have a red dress or the cute cheetah coat but I have all the other accessories. I need to see if 1) I need a red dress or b) if I have another dress that will work. Great post.

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